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Quilts for Outdoor Adaptive Recreation

Many quilters turn their love of fabric and sewing to support local organizations. But few are as ambitious as Jeanne Letourneau of Minot, who early this year made a whopping total of 25 twin quilts for the beds at the Adaptive Outdoor Education Center in Carrabasset Valley! The center, which was founded by Jeanne’s cousin Annemarie Albiston and her husband, provides a welcoming and affordable setting for people with disabilities.


Over a six month period, Jeanne worked on multiple quilts at any given time. She used a variety of designs and patterns, from traditional log cabin to more modern patterns purchased at Quiltessentials. “I’m an early riser,” Jeanne says, so she would start her day at the sewing machine, working increasingly long hours as the center’s opening drew closer. Jeanne estimates that each quilt took about 50 hours, which means that she spent a total of 1250 hours on the project! She also made a quilt for the center’s silent auction, and even today, continues to make additional quilts for the centers needs.

Sewing has been part of Jeanne’s life for as far back as she can remember. “When I was growing up, my mother made all our clothes,” she says. “I made my first quilt when my daughter was just a baby, so that was more than 50 years ago.” Over the years, Jeanne has made quilts for all of her 7 children and 15 grandchildren.

Jeanne appreciates how much quilting has evolved over the years, with so many new fabrics and techniques to work with. “I love to come to Quiltessentials because everyone is so helpful and I’m always happy with the results,” she says. “And Betsy and the staff are alway so encouraging!”